Electronic Dance Music

Stereo Sunday 2023
Stereo Sunday 2021

The first big festival after a long hiatus. It was an incredible experience to work again as a show producer and to create an amazing show with light, lasers, fireworks and sound.

Omron Healthcare

A fantastic collaboration with Laserforum, a company presentation in Tenerife, this time featuring Omrons’ latest large-scale products; cardiovascular, respiratory, and exercise risk & treatment management were reviewed.

Droneshow festival Gijon

The festival was a spectacular display of hundreds of drones flying in sync to create amazing shapes and patterns in the night sky. The soundtrack had to match the theme and mood of the show, as well as the movements and colors of the drones.

De Zwarte Cross 2019

A multi-day endshow with a clear message.
Nothing is impossible!

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Stereo Sunday 2019

A massive pyro & laser fueled endshow.
Celebrating 10 years of madness.

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Elfia 2019

A compelling story about the realm of light in the kingdom of Elfia.

Mijnhappening 2019

Commemoration of 30 years “mine closure” with a spectacular laser show.

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